NO Author Name Country Title of the paper
1 Munjed Al Muderis Australia The Use Of Osseointegrated Titanium Implants To Treat Bilateral Amputees
2 Munjed Al Muderis Australia Single-Stage Osseointegrated Reconstruction And Rehabilitation  Of Lower Limb Amputees
3 Munjed Al Muderis Australia Osseointegrated Implants in Patients With Peripheral Vascular Disease
4 Munjed Al Muderis Australia The Use of Osseointegrated Titanium Implants to Treat Trans-Tibial Amputees
5 William Lu Australia Examining the Complication and Re-operation Rates After Osseointegrated Reconstruction
6 William Lu Australia Osseointegrated Implants for Lower Limb Amputees: Evaluation of Bone Mineral Density
7 William Lu Australia Osseointegrated implants for trans femoral amputees: radiographic evaluation of bone remodeling
8 Shakib Al-Jawazneh Australia Osseointegrated Implants in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Series of Eight Patients
9 Dr. Ahmad Shehadeh Jordan Osteointegration Prosthetic Limb In Cancer Patients . KHCC Experience
10 Mohammed Mustafa Kamil Iraq Comparison of the compression release and ischial containment transfemoral prosthetic socket designs using gait analysis. A pilot study.
11 Ali Muwafaq Nsaif Al-Saadi Iraq Study of the pressure distribution at the prosthesis/stump interface of a new design of socket. A pilot study.
12 Aboubakr Alshazly Egypt Effectiveness Of  A Novel Un-loader Thumb Orthosis For Physiotherapist
14 Ayman Amer Egypt A Case Study of Child with Bilateral Congenital Lower Limb deformity
15 Ayman Amer Egypt A case study of bilateral below knee amputation in an 8 year old Vasculitic child
16 Alaa  Alobaidi & Muna Ghadban Iraq Functional Versus Conventional bracing of Humeral shaft fracture
17 Masád Al-Masri Jordan HI Multi-Disciplinary Rehabilitation activity in Jordan
18 Kadhim K. Resan Iraq Design and manufacturing of cheap prosthetic foot by 3D printer
19 Musa Alyaman , Muhammad Sobuh , Afnan Taha and Maysa Qarqaz Jordan Design of Self-Alignment Below Knee Prosthesis Device
20 Alaa Alobaidi Iraq E-gait = an Online Gait Analysis randomised controlled trial
21 Abdullah Fatlawi Iraq Appropriate liner technology for low income countries