Scientific Program


Day 1 (15th April 2019)

09.00-10.30 Registration
10.30-11.00 Opening Ceremony

·       The royal anthem of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan

·       Holy Qur’an

·       Master of ceremonies

·       Prof. Ziad Hawamdeh  Speech

·       Mr. Claude Tardif Speech

·       Mr. Raed Al-Khattab Speech

·       Dr. Yousef Sarhan Speech

·       Professor Dr. Abdel-Karim Al-Qudah  Speech

11.00-11.30 Coffee brake
Session (1)


Dr. Ziad Hawamdeh, Dr. Khalil Abbadi, Dr. Bashar Al Qaroot

11.30-12.00 Keynote

“the WHO global cooperation on assistive technology (GATE) initiative

Hala Sakr
12.00-12.10 “Comparison of the compression release and ischial containment tranfemoral prosthetic socket designs using gait analysis. A pilot study” Mohammed Mustafa Kamil (Iraq)
12.10-12-20 “Study of the pressure distribution at the prosthetic/limb interface of a new design of socket. A pilot study Ali Muwafaq Nsaif Al-Saadi (Iraq)
12.20-12.30 Artificial feet loading characteristics comparison in stance Ra’ed Al Khatab (Jordan)
12.30-12.40 “Design and manufacturing of cheap prosthetic foot by 3D printer” Kadhim Resan (Iraq)
12.40-12.50 Design of self-alignment below knee prosthetic device Muhammad Sobuh (Jordan)
13.00-14.00 lunch
Session (2)


Dr. Alaa Alobaidi, Dr Mohammed Sobuh)

14.00-14.10 HI multi-disciplinary rehabilitation activity in Jordan Mas’ad Almasri (Jordan)
14.10-14.20 E-gait = an online gait analysis randomized controlled trial Alaa alobadi (Iraq)
14.20-14.30 Appropriate liner technology for low income countries Abdulla Fatlawi (Iraq)
14.30-14.40 A systematic review for various hyperplasia to build an educational resource Gregory Halford (Jordan)
14.40-14.50 The pattern of peripheral nerve injuries among Iraqi soldiers in the war by using nerve conductive study Qaisar Abdurazzak (Iraq)
15.00-16.30 Workshops
Mechanical knees. What to choose?‎ Ossur Main theatre
Carbon feet. What and why? Ossur Main theatre
Ottobock fitting cycle Ottobock Rehabilitation collage


Day 2 (16th April 2019)



Dr. Ali Otoom, Dr. Samer Abed ALal

09.00-09.30 Keynote

ISPO education standards

Helen Cohrance
09.30-9.40 Clinical  and non-clinical factors affecting quality of life in lower limb amputees Wa’alQudan (Jordan)
09.40-09.50 The use of osseointegrated titanium implants to treat bilateral amputees Munjed Al Muderis (Australia)
09.50-10.00 Manufacturing P&O using the latest CAD/CAM technology Tony Harika (Lebanon)
10.00-10.10 The use of osseointegration titanium implants to treat tran-tibial amputees Munjed Al Muderis (Australia)
10.10-10.20 Osseointegration prosthetic limbs for amputees cancer patients. KHCC experience Ahmad Shehadeh (Jordan)
10.20-10.30 Silly walks Ossur company
10.45-11.15 Coffee break


Dr. Yousef Sarhan, Dr. Ahmed Shehadeh

11.15-11.50 Keynote

“single stage osseointegration reconstruction and rehabilitation of lower limb amputees”

Munjed Al Muderis (Australia)
11.50-12.00 Examining the complication and reoperation rates after osseointegrated reconstruction William lu (Australia)
12.00-12.10 Osseointegrated implants in patients with peripheral vascular disease Munjed Al Muderis (Australia)
12.10-12.20 Osseointegrated implants for lower limb amputees: evaluation of bone mineral density William Lu (Australia)
12.20-12.30 Osseointegreated implants in patients with diabetes mellitus: a case series of eight patients Shakib Al Jaqazneh (Australia)
12.30-12.40 Osseointegrated implants for transfemoral amputees: radiographic evaluation of bone remodiling William Lu (Australia)
13.00-14.00 Lunch


Dr. Aws Khanfar, Mr. Wa’al Quadan

14.00-14.10 Functional versus conventional bracing of humeral shaft fracture Alaa Alobaidi (Iraq)
14.10-14.20 An economic EMG controlled prosthetic hand Nasim Alnuman (Jordan)
14.20-14.30 Improving upper limb amputees life with 3D printed prosthetic hands Sangho Yi (Korea)
14.30-14.40 Bionic hand (Zeus) Praveen Kumer (India)
14.50-15.10 Coffee break
15.10-16.30 Workshops
Intuitive control of different multi articulating hand-grip patterns, through Pattern Recognition Ottobock Rehabilitation collage
Bionics Ossur Main theatre
Addressing urgent & critical prosthetic fitting needs Prosfit Main theatre


                                                                                                       Day 3 (17th April 2019)



Dr. Alaa Alobaidi, Eng. Raed Khatab)

09.00-09.30 Keynote

“WHO standards for P&O

Claude Tardif (France)
09.30-9.45 Rumble in the jungle 1 Ossur company
09.45-10.00 Rumble in the jungle 2 Ossur company
10.00-10.15 ICRC and support to prosthetics and orthotic education for the Arabic speaking world Greogry Halford (Jordan)
10.15-10.30 Efficacy of mobilization techniques and range of motion in patients with adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder pain Zainab Hussen (Iraq)
10.30-11.00 Coffee break
11.00-11.30 Keynote

“fit for purpose for double upper limb prostheses”

Lauranse Kenny (UK)
11.30-12.30 Discussion group (P&O in the middle east: challenges and pledges)
12.30-14.00 Closing ceremony