Our message to the Companies/ Exhibitors

Hatim Masadeh

JOSPO president


Our message to the Companies/Exhibitors


We appeal to all the managers of international companies to invite you to contribute to the success of this first conference in the Middle East in an area where there are many cases of amputation and paralysis and increasing day after day. Jordan is often a destination for most amputees in our area and others for treatment and for Prosthetic & Orthotics.

We are sure that the success of this congress depends on main points of concern :

  • Modern technology and different designs of your companies and
  • The studies of researchers from the specialists in these companies and through the scientific papers provided by your researchers in different development departments in your companies
  • And also by the scientific presentations that provided by all different specialists who are working with amputees and polio cases.

We hope you to contribute with your presence with us in this conference through the scientific program (presentations) and in the exhibition accompanying this conference, and we greatly appreciate your choice whatever it will be.

You are very welcome in Jordan the heart of the Middle East. There is no doubt that you will spend a good and enjoyable time beside a fruitful business.