Welcome Speech

Dr. Yousef Sarhan

The president of the Congress

Welcome Speech

I warmly welcome you to participate in our first conference in Jordan, Arab Countries and the Middle East

This is the opportunity we are waiting for all the specialized experts, doctors and surgeons to help our region by their presence in our congress in Jordan by transferring their knowledge, advanced science and technology and to spend a tourist time for fun as well.

Your participation will be a very beneficial contribution to add and do some development of scientific skills and knowledge to improve the quality of services which have to be provided to amputees and paralyzed people.

The Middle East has been going through a turbulent seven years. Civil war broke out among different countries in our area. This in turn created an influx of huge number of refugees in Jordan including clients for Prosthetics and Orthotics.

We have struggled as P&Os to help those in need, especially in many cases who have problems with very poor amputation surgery during recent battles in various areas of the Middle East.

In April 2019 we are going to be holding our 1st congress as you know, so we invite Lecturers and experts in different specialties to bring knowledge to the area and to contribute in a very fruitful subjects and workshops. We also do encourage the Companies in the field of prosthetics and orthotics including their practitioners and professionals to present their scientific papers and bring their knowledge and expertise to our area in addition to their participation in the exhibition.

Thank you very much for your contribution to the participation and welcome to all of you in Jordan.